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Consulting Dragon is legally registered company in India. We run an online program that provides both current students and recent graduates with Internship, Volunteering, Research and Work Experience in Government through PPP, None Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and the Private Sector through Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) across India.We carried out research in universities and found out that there is no clear framework that link students to internship placements across the country.It’s against this back ground that we have identified internship placements across the country. We link students and recent graduates to their respective field of interest in Government institutions, NGO’s and the Private sector through this platform website link. All applications are made online.

RECRUITMENT. We do professional recruitment for all our partnering organizations/Institutions/Companies in India whenever need arises.

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What is an Internship?

“Internships” come in many different shapes and forms—for that reason the word has varied meanings.

For some, it means “volunteer,” For others “paid apprenticeship.” Some organizations require that you earn academic credit, while others don’t. Different terms might be used to describe an internship, such as “externship” or “fellowship.” In some cases, summer jobs, work-study, or part-time situations might qualify as internships.

The three most common factors that define an internship are these:

  1. The work has a specific end point; it is temporary, whether it’s a month or two years in duration.
  2. The work includes specific learning objectives.
  3. The work is performed under the guidance of a supervisor or mentor.